This is the list of all Beastimon types, their strengths, and weaknesses. This will be updated as soon as changes occur.

List of Beastimon TypesEdit

So, let's go over the types of Beastimon there are!

Beastimon StrengthsEdit

  • Ocean can beat Flame, Terra, and Sweet types.
  • Flame can beat Plant,
  • Plant can beat Ocean, Terra,
  • Snow can beat Plant, Terra, Ocean, and Flame types.
  • Lightning can beat Ocean, Bird, and Regular types.
  • Day can beat Night types.
  • Light can beat Night and Sound types.
  • Regular can beat Legend, Fantasy, and Sweet types.
  • Wind can beat Flame and Plant types.
  • Bird can beat
  • Sweet can beat
  • Horror can beat
  • Sound can beat

Beastimons WeaknessesEdit

  • Flame can be beaten with Terra, Ocean, Wind and Snow types.
  • Plant can be beaten with Flame and Insect types.
  • Ocean can be beaten with Plant, Terra, Day and Light types.
  • Lightning can be beaten with Terra types.
  • Snow can be beaten with Flame, Terra, Light and Day types.
  • Sweet can be beaten with Ocean and Regular types.
  • Love can't be beaten by any types.
  • Wind can be beaten with
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