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Tuskpup is the first Beastimon in the game and series. They are also the mascots of the whole francise and the Beastimon shown in the TV series. They are known as the "Husky Puppy Monster".

#1 Tuskpup
Husky Puppy Monster
Vital statistics
Position Snow Type
Age Baby
Status Unevolved
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Tuskpup is a small, blue and white Siberian Husky-like Beastimon with big, blue eyes. They are typically hyper and ready to battle when they can. Despite being so small, their attacks are very strong. Tuskpup has three layers of fur: the thick top coat, a soft middle coat, and a thin, smooth, under coat. Tuskpups are known for their cuteness and are rare in the wild, because of so many trainers and owners trying to catch their own, to either own them as a pet or evolve them into Tuskier, one of the most powerful Beastimons in the world.




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